I hold a BA in Applied Foreign Languages from the University of Perpignan Via Domitia. As explained by the University in its description of the degree, "the main goal of the LEA/UPVD Faculty is to train linguists who are specialists in foreign languages. At the end of the degree, students should be able to join a company or another professional structure. Civilisation lessons —given in the foreign language— provide students with the social-political, economic and cultural context of the languages they study. Lessons in management, economics, law, communication, accounting and computer science help students to get acquainted with key concepts in the world of business".

I also hold a DALF (Diplôme approfondi de langue françaiseC1 diploma, which I obtained in 2005.

​As part of my continuing education, in recent years I have completed the following OpenLearn courses from The Open University:

Medicine and pharmacology

I provide businesses, research centres and agencies in the pharmaceutical and medical sectors with end-to-end translation solutions for clinical trial reports, pharmacovigilance alerts, regulatory files, summaries of product characteristics, scientific papers, etc.

Apart from translating documents, my work involves carrying out literature reviews, conducting terminological research and ensuring compliance of the texts with FDA/EMA standards.

Veterinary science

I regularly translate research papers for publication in peer-reviewed journals, descriptions of novel therapeutic techniques, standardised procedure manuals, textbooks and a wide range of other works that deal mainly with pets and livestock. I also translate clinical protocols, test reports and regulatory documentation for pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic studies conducted with animals.


Several astronomical research and outreach organisations are among my clients. My work includes copy-editing websites, translating and proofreading press releases, and writing original articles in English, Spanish and Catalan.

I am also a translator for the Beautiful Mars Project and a former member of the Board of the Sabadell Astronomical Society. My focus is on astronomy outreach.


 Scientific translator



I work with the following languages:

  • Source: English, French, Spanish, Catalan and Dutch
  • Target: English, Spanish and Catalan


I have translated educational material, identification guides, field reports, apps and websites for many conservationist schemes, including the Galanthus organisation’s Hedgehog Project, which focuses on the study and conservation of the European and North African hedgehogs.

My other specialities are medical biology, biochemistry and immunology, three areas in which I regularly translate research papers and popular science articles.